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Gabby Beta Update (8/19/2011)

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Internal testing has started for what will be called Gabby 2.0. There are several changes on the way -- some of them breaking. Here's a quick run down, with details to follow.

  • This installer is bigger; now at about 20 MB. That's roughly 2x bigger than Gabby used to be. Only 700Kb of that is Gabby, the rest is dependencies; mostly libavcodec. Bullet point #2 highlights the real reason for the increase in size.
  • Disclaimer: GEEKSPEAK. Gabby is now a 100% C/C++ Windows Service with a .NET server management component. Because there's less dependency on the .NET platform, the code size is bigger, performance is better, and portability is looking pretty good.
  • Screencasting is way more reliable.
  • The management application is slicker.
  • We can burn subtitles into videos now. It's not perfect, but it's better than letting the Roku do it.
  • Gabby requires a Core 2 Duo CPU or newer to execute. That means if you're running on hardware that is older than 4-5 years old then this solution is nolonger for you. Details will follow (why this decision was made).
  • DLNA forwarding support has been removed. Details will follow.
  • iTunes Library support has been removed. Details will follow

You can install the updated beta software from or subscribe to our appcast RSS feed at


Last Updated on Friday, 19 August 2011 14:08

Gabby Beta with DLNA support to be released today!

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We've been hard at work the past couple of weeks trying to bring some new features to Gabby. Later today, we will release a new Gabby Beta Channel and Media Server that add DLNA support. Now you'll be able to browse and experience media automatically from pretty much any DLNA server on your network. We've done some fairly extensive testing with various DLNA-compliant devices and software -- but we cannot guarantee that every DLNA-compliant device (or software) will work correctly. If you encounter a device or software issue, be sure to notify us about it our forums.

--The Gabilan Team


Last Updated on Monday, 07 February 2011 10:07

Gabby Gets Screencasting!!

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The new beta channel and media server have been published. The only significant change is the addition of the screen cast feature. With this new feature, you'll be able to bring your desktop experiences to your television via the Roku. That means you can enjoy all kinds of streaming media such as March Madness, etc. on your TV without the need of a any specific channel or connecting directly to your computer. The feature is admittedly pretty cool -- if I say so myself  Grin. While we've performed some testing, this feature is extremely nascent. We've gone from conception to implementation in the last 36 hours or so -- so there will be areas of improvement.

When using the screen cast feature, you can expect longer load times. This is because we've decided to apply the same video buffering rules as normal videos. The only problem with doing that is that since we're actually showing live video, it takes longer to buffer/load the screen cast. Depending on the performance characteristics of your media server, you may experience rebuffering. You should, however be able to playback a full motion video and screen cast at the same time without major issues. We will continue to look for ways to improve the screen cast performance.

The screen cast will show your entire desktop in the highest possible quality. We automatically record via the first available recording device. So if you want to record the "sound" on your computer, you'll need a sound card with a "stereo mixer". If that's not available, you'll want to take a look at a virtual sound card like "e2eSoft VSC". 

As always, if you experience any issues don't hesitate to post them in our forums.



Gabby updates

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Hmm...we've been working on making screencasting a little bit faster and a little more user-friendly. We're also looking at porting Gabby over to Mono. Why Mono? So that our OSX and Linux buddies can use it too.

Last Updated on Friday, 21 January 2011 11:07

New Gabby Beta Channel/Server Available

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As we've mentioned on the main site, and also evident by the activity in the forums, we've spent the last couple of months actively improving the media server and the channel in hopes of providing a better user experience. Thanks to a lot of work (and rework) and feedback, patience, and time on the part of our alpha testers -- Gabby is much better than when initially released. Today, we're opening up a beta version of the channel and a beta version of the media server to the public. We are creating a private channel for this because the communication protocol used between the server and channel has changed tremendously. We've added new features, and refined some of the older ones. We've added better navigation, subtitle support, video playback, image slideshows, and search capabilities. For those wishing to use the new beta, we hope you enjoy the experience and if you encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to notify us or recommend improvements. We will be updating documentation and posting screenshots, etc. in the coming weeks.

You can add the Gabby Beta Channel to your Roku by visiting the following url:

You can add the Gabby Beta Media Server to you computer by visiting the following url:

The Gabilan Team

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